Day 94 – What Do You Invest Your Time In?


‘Take care of a fig tree and you will have figs to eat. Servants who take care of their master will be honoured.’ Proverbs 27:18 (GNT)

In today’s message we see that the things we settle down and invest the time to build are the things that will be there for us to continue to enjoy later. Planting a fig tree takes time; you have to water it, nurture it, and watch it grow. Thereafter however, you can harvest the fruit for years to come. Anything you invest your time to build will certainly produce for your benefit; your challenge is to find out what to invest your life in, then take care of it, investing your energy into it. Another possible challenge is that people usually look down on the ‘little’ opportunity currently in their hand, just because it does not yet look promising and in that way miss out in life.

That verse also says ‘servants who take care of their masters will be honoured’. I know the story of a young boy that was brought into another family to assist in housekeeping. He served faithfully. After a while, the ‘boss’ decided to enroll him in a school during the day while he continues housekeeping after school. That was how his destiny was transformed; he studied to a Masters level, and later became a seasoned administrator with a happy family in the same city.

I admonish you to make every minute of today a seed that will count for your future. May God make your day prosperous in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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