Who We Are

Welcome to the official website of Heritage of God Ministries, Canada. We are glad that God led you here and we are sure you will be blessed tremendously as you take advantage of the resources available to you on this website 24/7. As you visit this site regularly, you will receive deeper insight into kingdom principles and lifestyle. You certainly will also receive the challenge to be the best you can be as a soldier in advancing the frontiers of the kingdom of God.

At Heritage of God Ministries, Potentials will be cultivated, Leaders will be raised, and Destinies will be released. God will ‘…Make nothing Something’.

So, welcome to Heritage. Take time to navigate our website regularly, it will be updated from time to time. Attempt is made to cover major aspects of your life – spirit, soul and body; please avail yourself of the resources provided. We look forward to seeing you at any of our events as detailed on this website; we are here to serve you, and we invite you to join us to serve others, while we all follow Jesus Christ.

Don’t forget, the Lord calls those things that are not as though they were. Never give up on yourself. May God bless you and make your dreams come true.

The Lord will rejoice over you daily, Amen. We look forward to hearing from you, and/or welcoming you at our services soon.

Our God Reigns,
Pastor Bode Akindele


Our mission is to present the total gospel to build the total man in order to experience kingdom blessing
and engage in kingdom advancement. Ultimately an army of God will be raised to advance His kingdom
in every sphere of life.


 To raise an army for the Lord;

A people equipped with the character, wisdom and power of
God, whom He will use to change and save the world in these last days.

At Heritage, Potentials will be cultivated, Leaders will be raised, and Destinies will be released.