Day 9 – Sell Everything and Buy Wisdom


 ‘Above all and before all, do this: get wisdom! Write this at the top of your list: Get understanding. Throw your arms around her – believe me, you won’t regret it, Never let her go – she’ll make your life glorious. She’ll garland your life with grace, she’ll festoon your days with beauty’. Proverbs 4:7-9 MSG

The King James Version of today’s scripture starts by saying ‘wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom’. Make it your priority to obtain the mind of God concerning everything before you act. If you would soak your heart and mind with the way God thinks about every issue of life, you will have the mind of God and will be able to build your life on wisdom. Your life will be made glorious and certainly you will be very glad with the result.

The entire world was formed by God’s wisdom (Ps 104:24).

Take time to think through on your ideas and the different decisions you need to make. Base your thoughts on the principles of the word. Give all it takes to get God’s mind before you act. This was what Solomon’s father told him when he was young;

‘When I was a boy at my father’s knee, the pride and joy of my mother, He would sit me down and drill me: ‘Take this to heart. Do what I tell you – live! Sell everything and buy wisdom! Forage for understanding! Don’t forget one word! Don’t deviate an inch! Proverbs 4:3-5 MSG



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