Day 75 – A Wise Servant Is Honoured As One Of The Family


 ‘A wise servant shall have rule over a son that causeth shame, and shall have part of the inheritance among the brethren’ Proverbs 17:2

 There are two things to note from this verse of scripture – parents are challenged to be faithful in raising their children, not to become unruly such that they cause shame; while a servant or a worker is encouraged to be so faithful such that he ends up having a position to share in the inheritance of the children. 

If you are a wise worker, that serves faithfully, you are not only a blessing to your employer, but you are positioned to share in the family’s wealth tomorrow. I know of a family that needed some help with house chores when their kids were young. This helper was so faithful, dedicated and good cultured that if you were a visitor, you would not know he was only a helper in the house. After sometime they decided to send the boy to school while he was still serving in the house. He grew up with the kids, went to college, later studied for a master’s degree, he was given necessary referrals to get a good job, got married and went ahead to raise his own family. These kids are all grown up now, and he gathers together with them, each one with their own family, at large family functions. His views are now sought when important decisions are to be made about the extended family.

In other instances, you find people employed as Janitors in a company serve so faithfully that they end up becoming shareholders and members of the board of directors of the company later. Your faithful service today brings refreshing to your employer and is a seed for your great future.  


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