Day 74 – Decide to Bring Refreshing to Your Employer


A wicked messenger falleth into mischief: but a faithful ambassador is health. Proverbs 13:17

A wicked messenger falls into evil, but a faithful ambassador brings healing. Proverbs 13:17AMP

You will find here two categories of messengers – A wicked messenger and a faithful ambassador.  From this scripture, the point being stressed is: When somebody is not faithful, he is being wicked! You can ask yourself again: are you a faithful or a wicked messenger? Are you faithful to your boss? If you are not loyal or dependable – not having your boss or the system in which you serve at heart, then you are not faithful – you are a wicked person.

If you are an employer and you notice unfaithfulness in any of your employees, don’t waste your time, call the person immediately to address this issue. Do not waste your time keeping an unfaithful worker in your staff. If you are an employee, I employ you today to be faithful. Decide to bring health to your boss or the system in which you serve. This is wisdom.

Many people today have ruined their future because they wounded the place where they served and when their future came they also got wounded. Think about this.

Life is about seed time and harvest; as a matter of fact, life in itself is a seed! Decide today to be a healer, to bring refreshing, by being loyal; by being faithful, and you will reap it in future. May God bless you, in Jesus name. Have a great day.


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