Day 51 – Lord Let Your Mercy Be upon Me


‘Let thy mercy O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee’. Ps. 33:22

This is a key prayer you can and should pray as you face each day. This way, you set yourself for daily victory, and I am sure God’s mercy is still available! Let’s pray right away – ‘let your mercy O Lord be upon me because as I hope in you’!

This scripture establishes a condition of experiencing God’s mercies – Amplified version says ‘in proportion to our waiting and hoping for You’ (‘You’ here meaning God). You might have a financial burden on your neck, or needs of any kind – as you pray this, and you patiently wait on God for divine intervention, all your anxiety will be taken care of. Listen; grace is unmerited favour, i.e. you will obtain favour that you do not deserve; whereas mercy will prevent you from suffering what you were doomed to suffer! So, mercy averts whatever difficult things that was due to come upon you.

The problem with which you are currently faced, which might even have been caused by yourself, and your mind is telling you that you deserve to face the consequence; but I tell you today that God’s mercy will deliver you as you put your hope in Him. Approach the Lord today with all your anxieties, hope in Him, and He is literally saying to you ‘my mercy will reach unto you – even today’! Receive the manifestation of His mercy today, in Jesus name.  


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