Day 50 – Your Help and Shield


 ‘Our soul waiteth for the Lord: he is our help and shield’ Ps. 33:20

I pray for you today that God will give you understanding and grant you access to in-depth revelation and insight about the power and efficacy of God’s mercy. This will help you to experience the best of God in your Christian walk. God’s help will enhance you to move ahead in life, while as your shield, He will defend you from any battle that may want to confront you in any area of life. When you focus on God, this will be your experience. The psalmist says ‘some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God’ (Ps. 20:7).

When you put your trust in the Lord, you position yourself to have access to the totality of God’s power and ability. His help becomes available to you; and He defends you from all troubles in life. Psalm 20:8 says while others are brought down and fall, you are arisen and stand upright. Praise the Lord! I like the good news version of today’s scripture ‘we put our hope in the Lord; he is our protector and our help’.

This is a new day for you, yesterday’s challenge has passed, but His new mercy today will help you overcome every new challenge. The mercy of God brings forgiveness of sins, and delivers you from the cases that you think are too difficult for you to handle. In fact, God’s mercy, when in effect, actually delivers you from going through the challenges that you should have gone through due to your fault – this is what mercy does! Whatever you might have as a challenge today, God is offering you His help, based on His mercy.


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