Day 18 – Labour in Truthfulness


‘Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.’ Proverbs 13:11

 We’ve been studying about diligence as an attitude and lifestyle. You need to work hard with clear principles. Some people work hard in deceit, while others work and labour hard in truthfulness. You need to work hard with clear a principle of truthfulness.

‘He that gathers by labour shall increase.’ No matter what you do, one thing is certain, if you are working consistently hard at your job, you are bound to increase. However, if anyone is doing business with deceit, he might increase for now, but the Bible says it will diminish.

So, while we emphasize diligent attitude, make sure that you balance it with a right frame of mind that your labour must be based on truthfulness. You can be rest assured that when you gather wealth by truthfulness and hard work, it leads to sustainable increase. If your truthful hard work today does not seem to amount to much, do not worry. A little addition each day will eventually add up. Don’t be in a hurry to amass wealth unjustly overnight. Otherwise it will diminish. What will certainly increase is the wealth that you gather by truthful labour. 

Don’t be ashamed to work hard at what you are doing; just be consistent in your hard work. The little increase of each day will add up, and tomorrow you will be the happier for it. This is our decision today; labour consistently in truthfulness and you will be sustained in wealth. God bless your day.


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