Day 133 – Pride Leads to Shame


 “When pride comes, then comes shame: But with the humble is wisdom” Proverbs 11:2 NKJV

I like the Good News Version of this scripture ‘people who are proud will soon be disgraced; it is wiser to be modest’. Why not maintain an attitude that will sustain you and keep you standing firm. Since pride is a thing of the heart, you need to examine yourself and admit it to your own self if you are proud.  Pride will debase you if you don’t deal with it on time. So you have to cry to God today, and He will help you.

The word ‘humble’ is also referred to as ‘lowly’. Lowly means; you don’t overrate yourself. Don’t speak falsely out of pride; don’t describe what you do not have. Don’t overestimate your gifting – yes you are gifted, yes you have influence, but don’t overestimate it. Rather, even present the facts in lowliness of heart. The Bible says, God resists the proud but he lifts up the lowly. I am asking you today specifically to ask the Lord to help you because pride leads to shame.

Lord I pray that you will grant us grace to live with lowliness of heart, and bless your people today, in Jesus name, amen.


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