Day 128 – Sure Foundation for a Good Heritage


 ‘Good people will have wealth to leave to their grandchildren, but the wealth of sinners will go to the righteous’ Proverbs 13:22 GNT

The way to prepare for the future of your children and their own children is to lay a good foundation for them. This can be done in many ways. First, by being good, faithful and loyal in serving others today, you sow a good seed that your children will reap from in future. Secondly, living a godly life as an example to your children lays a solid foundation for their future. Consider today’s scripture in amplified version; ‘a good man leaves an inheritance (or moral stability and goodness) to his children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner (finds its way eventually) into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up’.

It is a godly desire to work hard and gather great wealth to leave for your offspring. You however need to be determined to live a godly life, and to invest time and energy in raising your children in a godly way. The way to secure the future of the wealth of your children is to gather your wealth legally, live a godly life in front of them, and to raise them godly.

My prayer for you as a father (or mother) or as one hoping to become one in future, is that you will prosper, and you will find joy in raising your children, and that you will find joy in your later days when you see your children and their own children living a godly life, and enjoying the wealth you have laid up for them, and also seeing them growing their own wealth in a godly manner, and enjoying it.  May you find joy in your latter days, in Jesus name.


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