Day 1 – Begin with God


Begin with God

 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth    Gen 1:1

At the beginning of all things, we see God. He is the origin and the creator of all things. All things found their start in Him. The scripture says all things hold together in Christ (Col 1:17). At the beginning of every phase of our lives, it is an opportunity to establish God at the helms of our affairs, and commit all things to His hands afresh. It has become a tradition for people at the beginning of a new year to make new resolutions and new plans, purchase new clothes, prepare special delicacies and of course have special gatherings.

At this time, I would want to encourage you to review your past year and put the new in clear perspective. Today gives you an opportunity to rekindle your hopes of achieving your God given dreams and aspirations. You can ‘begin life again’ as it were. Take advantage of this day. Make today your fresh beginning. Decide to give God priority in every affairs of your life. Decide to approach your life with fresh hope and vigor. Decide to go for the best that God has for you in faith. Decide today to live your life pleasing to the Lord.

Take your relationship, business or career to the next level with God. Commit your ways afresh to the Lord and make up your mind to follow His views, instructions and guidance every day of this New Year. Acknowledge Him and He will surely direct your path and perfect all that concerns you. Do have a peaceful and fruitful New Year, in Jesus name.


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